Breast Augmentation

Other names

  • Augmentation mammoplasty
  • Breast prostheses implantation
  • Breast implants


Brief description

The demand for breast augmentation is nowadays often purely based on aesthetics.

From the medical point of view, this surgery is indicated to improve the aesthetic appearance of small breasts (hypomastias), respecting the aesthetic and physiological limitations, as well as cases of congenital breast asymmetry, or after surgical treatment of breast cancer.

The implants, besides increasing the breast volume, improve shape and consistency.

When selecting implant size and shape, the proportions between the new breast volume and the chest breadth should be considered in order to obtain a more harmonic aesthetic outcome.

By associated breast sagging, the breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift (mastopexy), thus reconciling a greater breast sturdiness with an increased volume by means of a single surgery act.


The scars

This surgery allows us to position the scars quite under cover.

The prostheses implantation takes place through an incision:

  • in the fold immediately under the breast
  • or around the areola
  • or in the armpit.

By patients requiring a breast lift, the implantation occurs through the incisions derived from the lift surgery, usually the so called “upside down T”, which allows resection of all the skin excess, and provides a more personable, natural and youthful breast format.

In the context of the medical evaluation, you and the physician will define the best alternative for your specific case.


Postoperative period

The postoperative period of a breast implant is usually quite comfortable and “low-pain” as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions, especially regarding arm movements during the first days.

Since the very beginning of the postoperative phase, you will probably feel so well that you may forget that you underwent recently a surgery. But beware! The euphoria may lead to untimely effort, which may cause certain disorders.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding after breast implant

The surgery outcome can be preserved, as long as the gynecologist supports you regarding weight gain management during your pregnancy.

Regarding breastfeeding, there is no restriction, once the surgery is usually carried out “beyond the breast tissue”.


What is the capsular retraction?

It is an exaggerated retraction of the normal fibrous capsule (that forms around the implant), leading to breast hardening, perceptible by palpation. The capsular retraction is an atypical reaction of the patient’s body due to the presence of the silicone implants and does not represent medical malpractice.

By occurrence, the implants can and shall be withdrawn.

Later, patient and surgeon may consider re-implanting other prostheses by means of a different approach.

Nowadays, the rates of capsular retractions have decreased considerably due to the advent of technical innovations in plastic surgery and new textures of silicone implants.


Is it necessary to replace breast implants from time to time? How often?

Due to technological advancement of the materials used, nowadays it is no longer necessary to replace breast implants after a predetermined period, except in case of specific complications.

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