Other names

  • Male breast plastic


Brief description

The term Gynecomastia, Greek word for “female breast”, stays for a benign enlargement of the male breast area, usually rounding under the areola. This increase may be related to an increased fat volume and/or a gland enlargement in the breasts.

The scars

The scar dimension will depend on the type and amount of breast tissue to be removed, but in most cases it is periareolar (surrounding the nipple) or transareolar (horizontal incision crossing the nipple).


Postoperative period

The surgery’s outcome is only achieved between the 6th and 12th month, with the scar maturation, but within two months already 70% of the final form is achieved.

In the early months, the scar is reddish, usually becoming whitish over time, depending on the patient’s genetics.

The increased swelling fades away in about 21 days, but some vestiges may remain during a couple of months.

Bruises may persist 14 to 21 days.

Significant pain is unusual. There is only a mild discomfort, manageable with common painkillers and anti-inflammatories, provided you comply with medical guidelines, especially regarding arm movements and efforts, and other cautions during the initial stage.

There may be (usually transient) changes in the nipple sensitivity.

One should avoid efforts for 21 days and use a compressive vest about 1 month.

The gynecomastia rarely involves serious complications. Though rare, it is worth mentioning: hematoma, infection, dehiscence (wound reopening), keloids (according to patients’ individual predisposition), necrosis.

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