Tummy tuck

Other names

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Abdominal Dermolipectomy
  • Abdominal Plastic


Brief description

Abdominal sagging may be caused by single or multiple pregnancies as well as weight gain and subsequence loss.
The tummy tuck removes skin and fat from the abdominal region. The extent of the body weight reduction led by the surgery varies according to the patient’s initial abdominal volume. However, more important for the cosmetic result than the removed “pounds” are the belly’s proportions relatively to the rest of the trunk and limbs, since the weight reduction is consequence rather than main purpose of the surgery.

Moreover, the surgery targets the subcutaneous fat layer (accumulated immediately under the skin), but it does not reach the visceral fat (accumulated in deeper abdominal layers, around the organs). The latter is limiting factor for reducing the abdominal volume through a tummy tuck.

Each case is evaluated during the medical consultation.

The diastasis of the abdominal muscles (camber in the abdominal central region, caused by an abdominal “bulging”, due to pregnancy or overweight) is treated simultaneously. The navel maintains its location, being repositioned from its original to a new outlet and, if necessary, reshaped.


The scars

The scar from a tummy tuck is located horizontally, arc-shaped, immediately above the pubic hair line, extending laterally, whereas the extent depends on the level of abdominal sagging to be rectified.


Postoperative period

In the early months, the belly remains relatively insensitive, especially at the bottom, being also subject to “swelling” periods, which lapse spontaneously, gradually, after about 6 months.

Occasionally fluid accumulation may occur in the OP area, what may require puncture or drainage.

By very obese patients, after the 8th day, the elimination of certain amount of yellowish or bloody liquid through one or more stitches may occur, which is not considered a complication.

In a second stage, the belly may look “stretched” or “plane”. Over the months, by reassuming your physical activities, you will gradually reach the final outcome.

The final outcome depends on the individual scar evolution, the shape evolution of the operated area, its sensitivity, consistency, etc.

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